Turbocharge your productivity with advanced Excel skills for only $10


Learn all of Excel’s features, plus how to program and streamline your workflow with automated tasks in this Excel Training bundle.

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on a computer screen.
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It’s hard to imagine companies trying to do business without spreadsheets, and Microsoft Excel is the gold standard in that category. However, while many people are familiar only with the most common uses of Excel, it is capable of accomplishing everything from automation to programming as well. Now, you can streamline your workflow by mastering all of Excel’s features, from basics to advanced.

The Complete Microsoft Excel Course Including How to Program in Excel is a comprehensive 17-hour course made up of over 200 lectures. It teaches everything from how to use every single function and feature of Excel completely from scratch, all the way to using Visual Basic for applications and macros to program in Excel.

By the time you finish this course, creating pivot tables and even advanced Excel charts will be a breeze. You will learn how to use and change defined names as well as be able to generate datasets and data visualizations within the application. And not only will you learn how to program, you’ll also learn how to automate daily Excel tasks with Macros and VBA.

It’s a great time to start learning, when affordable lifetime licenses for Microsoft Office are so readily available. And you can be assured that this course will deliver instruction effectively. With more than 1.5 million students and counting, this class has been awarded a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by previous students.

Start mastering the basic and advanced functions of Excel today. Get The Complete Microsoft Excel Course Including How to Program in Excel while it’s on sale for only $10.

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