Learn how secure apps are made with this $60 course bundle


Understand the technical side of your business, and get certified with the 2023 Certified Technology Professional Bundle from Career Academy.

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Whether you’re leading a team or an entire organization, it’s important to understand what your colleagues are working on.

If you’re new to working in tech or just trying to expand your knowledge, the 2023 Certified Technology Professional Bundle is a great place to start.

This collection of nine courses covers a range of key skills that are relevant in business today, and you can get lifetime access for only $59.99 via TechRepublic Academy. That’s $1,700 off the full price for the training.

You don’t need a technical background to launch a successful startup. However, it’s generally a lot easier to grow your tech business when you know how your product works.

The 2023 Certified Technology Professional Bundle helps you acquire valuable insights of this type. Through 56.5 hours of video training, you can learn exactly what it takes to keep apps running smoothly and data protected.

The nine video courses cover several different topics, including information systems, web app engineering, vulnerability assessment, and disaster recovery. You also learn about general cybersecurity techniques and get an introduction to hacking.

Each course works towards professional certification, and there are plenty of hands-on exercises to try.

All of the training is delivered by Career Academy, in association with SkillSuccess. Established in 1999, this official CompTIA partner employs trainers with decades of professional experience.

Order today for just $59.99 to start learning, and save a huge 96% on the original price for these courses.

Prices and availability are subject to change.


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