Top Himalayan Treks To Do In India In Winter Season

Top Himalayan Treks To Do In India In Winter Season


The wall for India on the northern side, lies the unmatchable himalayas. Full of water bodies, forests, monasteries, temples, caves, grasslands and many more with all having a white oregano sprinkle. Most talked about, Mount Everest is definitely the heart of the Himalayas but many other small and large peaks and mountain trails make the Himalayas what it is. The Himalayas are also considered as a sacred place and many sadhus consider it as their home. Many other civilians along with sadhus also populate the region living in the challenging conditions. Not really famous until the 1953 Mt Everest climb, the Himalayan peaks are now a hot drop for the trekkers. Earlier considered challenging, trekking in the himalayan region in now comparatively made a little comfortable for the trekkers with almost all the facilities provided there, be it food, accomodation or the journey. With lots and lots of mountain ranges with different conditions all over, trekking has been a sport celebrated the most across the entire of the Himalayas under different trekking destinations.

Trekkers have been waiting to conquer the Himalayas again after the unwanted break as a result of the covid creating a pandemic situation globally. Year 2021 has brought a little relief for the trekkers and other tourists with the decreasing COVID infection numbers. So, for the most excited trekkers around, here is the list of some of the top himalayan treks to go around

Kedarkantha Trek

Elevation: 3800 m (12500 ft)

Location: Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

Easiest of the treks in the himalayan range, Kedarkantha is a bewitching collection of grasslands, waterfalls, sacred temples and the himalayan glaciers. A little less to moderate, a total distance of 20 km is to be covered with a little adventure and thrill and most of the eye pleasers. Kedarkantha is often confused with the kedarnath which is around 16 km far from the trekking mountain pass. Kedarkantha trek can be a good start for the trekkers to get going again with the adventurous sport.

Hampta Pass Trek

Elevation: 4270 m (14010 ft)

Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

With a valley overwhelmingly coloured with lush green land, flowers blooming and tall forest on one side, while a completely barren land on the other, hampta pass is a mischievous act by the good of the dramatic crossover. Though not a trek on the list of the difficult ones, hampta pass being a moderate fills the trekkers journey with a lots of thrills, fun, dares and joy and making it an entire adventurous story for the same to narrate when back home.Hampta pass is a part of the beautiful spiti valley and a destination worth pay a visit for the trekkers and in return take along a lot in abstract.

Buran Ghati Trek

Elevation: 4572 m (15000 ft)

Location: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

A venue where even any visually disabled individual would not miss any of the pleasures, such great vibes and energy throws the inimitable buran ghati trek. Son of the Himalayas, being a good one, following its steps, buran ghati is a destination one would not return disappointed. With numerous options the scenario changes, such is this moderate trek consisting of colours more than a rainbow. The dayara meadows is definitely the face of the trek catching all the attraction of the trekkers. The sloppy snow slides making a visual wall for the buran ghati is one of the highest rappelling points. The villages, water bodies, woods and the sheets of snow makes this moderate trek a hot drop for the trekkers.

Rupin Pass Trek

Elevation: 4650m (15250 ft)

Location: Uttarakhand

Rupin pass is a mountain range for hiking and trekking that starts from the village of dhaula in the uttarkashi district in uttarakhand and carries aways till the sangla village in the state beautiful state of himachal pradesh. It is one of those treks that starts from one state and ends in another and considers itself part of both the states. It blesses one roping through with the alluring circumnavigations of the kailash kinnaur range. Rupin pass being one the challenging treks also provides a beautiful package altogether with the entire journey collectively includes places such as dehradun, shimla and a few others.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Elevation: 5364 m (17598 ft)

Location: Khumjung, Nepal

Trekking the base camp of the world’s highest mountain is a plan one would hardly deny. The bird’s eye view of the trek is deliberately peaceful and satisfying to within. Feels like a victory conquering the Everest base camp with a journey full of hurdles, obstacles and thrill. A treat for those who love tackling the beast as the same challenges and satisfaction can be sensed while trekking over the Everest base camp. All the excitement, curiosity and wait can be brought to a result by being a champ at the everest.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Elevation: 5319 m (17451 ft)

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Named after its arms on both sides, pin parvati pass trek with the height of 17451 ft is the body for the pin valley on the spiti side and parvati valley on the kullu side. The route covers almost 110 kms. Is said to be the find in the form of the alternate route for spiti valley. One of the most difficult treks in India, pin parvati trek fills a trekker’s journey with thrill and a much-required push throughout the trek to tackle big boulder rocks, glaciers and its high altitude throughout the journey.

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