Kudremukh Trek: The Perfect Offbeat Destination

Kudremukh Trek: The Perfect Offbeat Destination

Kudremukh trek is the trek to witness the horse-like formation of the mountains. Lying at a maximum altitude of 6207ft ,this trek has been graded as one of the moderate treks you can attempt. 

Having its base camp at Kalasa, this exciting trek in the southern part of India takes hardly any time to complete. 

The name kudremukh literally means horse’s face in Kannada,  this name was given to this meadow for its features formed by nature.

It is lying in the heart of the western ghats in chikmagalur, karnataka. Being a part of the 

Kudremukh national park, this is considered as the 2nd largest wildlife protected area in the western ghats region and the 3rd highest peaks after mullayanagiri and baba budengiri.

You get to experience trailing through the rolling mountains ,misty misty valleys, verdant spread grasslands , calming forests and gushing streams. 

Highlights of the trek

  • The first and foremost thing is the horse-like face formation. As you trek 3 long hours on the trail you will be able to see the structure.
  • Trekking via the shola forest is another attraction in the Kudremukh trek. Shola is the name given in the southern parts for grassland and land filled with shrubs. 
  • Trailing through the forest brings you in front of the tumbling waterfalls and gushing small streams . You get to cross a number of streams on the way to the top of the trek. 
  • The breathtaking views of the rolling hills. Those lush green hills and fog filled valleys please your eyes in no time.
  • Playing hide and seek amidst the misty mountains is a pure joy. 

The trek

Trailing from the forest office to ondimara (the solo tree)

The trail commences after getting permission from the officials. With the sound of somawathi falls welcoming you, you’ll enter the shola forest. If you are lucky enough,  you might see some wild animals while you trek through , at the same time beware of leeches and worms.

In about 15 minutes after the gradual ascent ,you’ll have to cross a stream, which might get stronger during monsoon. 

On the way you get to see a number of small streams refreshing you all through. Just as soon as you excite the forest you’ll see the ontimara surrounded by a wide canopy. 

From here on the trail gets flat, with the kudremukh valley towards you right and the mountain on your left , you’ll be trailing through the grassland. About an hour and a half of trekking you will reach the second ontimara.

Trailing from 2nd ontimara to final stretch. 

From here you’ll ascend on a gentle slope and in the final parts it gets steeper. This gives you a spectacular view of the rolling mountains. 

After 20 minutes,  the trail starts to get steeper and the kudremukh will be revealed slowly. As you reach the top the structure is right in front of your eyes.

Trailing from the final stretch to the peak

From this place you can see the back of the kudremukh. 

Another 35+ minutes of climb will take you to the top of the trek. The wind is so strong here.

You get to witness a 270° view of the green carpeted hills along with that fog. The astonishing view makes you feel filled for the day.

Best time to take the trek

The best time to take the trek is during the months of June to February. 

Also the monsoon and winters offer you a different and intimidating view and experiences.

Things to carry

  • The first and foremost thing is your ID proof. You need them to get permission from the forest officials. 
  • Don’t forget to carry your personal medication and basic first aid.
  • Have a good amount of water for the trail.
  • Have scarfs, bands and sunglasses. 
  • Lemon or salt ,if you feel nausea as you climb the high altitudes.
  • Safety pins , rubber bands and especially whistles for emergency situations. 
  • Prefer quick dry dresses rather than cotton.
  • Pocho,  if you are trailing during monsoon. 
  • Trekking poles are not mandatory but having them will help you to cross the streams, when there is a heavy flow.

Other places

On the way back you have some exotic places to visit. 

If you are travelling towards Bangalore,  you have Horanadu temple,ballalarayana durga fort trek, aane gudda trek , meruthi hill and much more.

If you are travelling towards mangalore, you have lakya dam lake, kadambi falls, hanuman gundi falls, kurinjal peak etc.