Save an extra 15% off training in ethical hacking with this pre-Black Friday sale deal

Save an extra 15% off training in ethical hacking with this pre-Black Friday sale deal


Develop the necessary skills and use the tools to be an ethical hacker through this 120-hour comprehensive course bundle.


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According to the 2021 Cybersecurity Impact Report from IronNet, the SolarWinds attack had organizations making an extra effort in improving their network defenses, but those that had taken serious cybersecurity hits had experienced attacks severe enough to warrant board meetings. This is largely because the financial impacts of the attacks were astronomical, averaging about 11% of the annual revenue of the company.

Cyberattacks are nothing to scoff at, considering the adverse financial effects they can have, as well as the breach of individuals’ and companies’ privacy and security of their data. It’s why businesses are trying their best to implement measures that can better protect them from being victims of cybercrime. Per the White House, one of the most effective steps to take is to do penetration testing and check if internal security is capable to fight against sophisticated attacks.

Penetration testers are another word for ethical hackers, and they’re incredibly in demand. They have the skills to identify the weaknesses of a network and come up with ways to patch them up. And with the 2022 Premium Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Bundle, you’ll receive ample training you need to kickstart a career in ethical hacking. It’s available for an extra 15% in this pre-Black Friday sale.

This course collection boasts comprehensive training to help you develop the necessary skills to be an effective ethical hacker. Through 120 hours of premium training by senior pen testers and security evangelists, you can expect to be equipped with the knowledge and tools to protect any network. The courses touch on hacking terminology, concepts like website cloning, anti-virus evasion and credential harvesting, and tools used for vulnerability scans, exploitation and password cracking.

Learning ethical hacking techniques isn’t enough. To succeed in the field, you have to have certifications, too. That’s why the bundle also includes preparatory courses on certification exams like the CompTIA PenTest+ and Certified Ethical Hacker CEH v11, both of which will test your newfound skills and prove that you’re ready for employment.

Usually $2,000, the 2022 Premium Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Bundle is on sale for $29.74. Just key in the code SAVE15NOV at checkout. (Note: This coupon code is good through Nov. 15, 2021.)

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