Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Part 2: Everything Samsung announced

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Part 2: Everything Samsung announced


If you were hoping for truly new products you might be disappointed — Upacked 2 is all about customization options for existing products and a new lifestyle brand partnership.


The color options of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition

Image: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, which took place back in August, wasn’t enough for the Seoul tech giant, so it had a second event, Galaxy Unpacked Part 2. Unfortunately for those hoping for big announcements, no new hardware was announced: Just software updates, a new partnership with lifestyle company Maison Kitsuné and new bespoke Flip3 devices.

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That said, some of the new software updates, which focused on the Galaxy Watch4, are practically useful, and there’s also a free 60-day Strava trial that starts the day of the event (October 20) for all Galaxy Watch users, so if you’re interested don’t forget to sign up for that.

Maison Kitsuné Edition Watch4 and Buds2

Maison Kitsuné, known for its cartoon fox logo and whimsical style, has partnered with Samsung to create A Galaxy Watch4 Maison Kitsuné Edition and Galaxy Buds2 Maison Kitsuné Edition. 

The Watch4 Maison Kitsuné Edition includes both a Moonrock Beige and a Stardust Grey strap with Maison Kitsuné lettering and embellishments, and the Buds2 Maison Kitsuné Edition feature the company’s logos and design elements, including a gray leather case. 

Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition

There’s bespoke, and then there are a plethora of options. In the case of the Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition, the latter is more the case, as this Flip3 variant is limited to a palette of 49 color combinations, black or silver framing, and a blue, yellow, pink, white or black front and back. 

A Bespoke Upgrade Care plan is also available that will let users register to replace the colored panels on the device any time they want to keep its colors up to date with personal style choices (or business colors — a fleet of color-coordinated devices would look sharp).

In addition to the Flip3, a bespoke Galaxy Watch4 will also be available, and falls under the same restrictions. 

New Galaxy Watch4 software features

As Samsung’s flagship smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch4 aims to compete with devices like the Apple Watch, which means it needs the same features. In particular, one of the three new features being added to the Watch4’s software in this update includes gesture controls akin to those on the Apple Watch.

In addition to gesture controls, fall detection now has a sensitivity setting that Samsung said is capable of detecting falls even while standing still, which is good news for active users and people with mobility issues alike. 

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Lastly, Samsung said it’s adding four new faces to the Galaxy Watch4. A customizable face called the Info Brick puts health metrics front and center, and additional faces display “in-depth weather forecasts, a basic dashboard, or live wallpapers inspired by Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3,” Samsung said. 


The new Galaxy Watch4 software features are available over the air now. The Galaxy Buds2 Maison Kitsuné Edition will be priced at $249.99, and the Galaxy Watch4 Maison Kitsuné Edition will be priced at $399.99 (only available in 40mm Bluetooth). Both are available for order now. 

The Bespoke edition of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Watch4 can be customized at beginning today in Korea, U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Canada and Australia. No word on further international availability at this time. 

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