New electric car is Zoom ready

New electric car is Zoom ready


The INDI One has a vehicle-integrated computer designed for gaming, a Windows workstation and internal cameras.


The INDI One has a vehicle-ingetrated computer designed for gaming, a Windows workstation and internal cameras.

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If you’ve ever sat in your car with your laptop propped up on your knees to take a Zoom call, the new INDI One electric vehicle may be for you. The car makes its debut at Automobility LA on November 17.

“You do you” is the company’s tagline for the car and it is designed for Gen Z and Millennial drivers. According to the company, the car will feature:

  • A vehicle-integrated computer capable of high-end gaming
  • A complete Windows workstation  
  • Multiple interior and exterior cameras for livestreaming videos, and shooting, editing and uploading content 
  • VR capabilities
  • All-wheel drive, a modularized 95KW battery with a 300-mile range and a 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds

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Tom Gage, head of electric drive systems, said in a company video that designing an electric vehicle is a constant trade-off between competing features such as a more aerodynamic design and enough headroom inside the car.  

“It’s always a compromise and that’s really one of the challenges and actually one of the pleasures in working in a company like this because the engineers are right at the forefront of the whole process,” he said.

The company also has made sustainability pledges about the materials used to build the car, such as establishing a low carbon footprint, using plant-based polyester and PVC- and allergen-free materials. 

John Kennedy, head of brand for Independent Electric Vehicles, said in a video that the company wants to take electric vehicles two to three steps forward by personalizing the driver’s experience. The inspiration for the car was sparked by the disconnect in the software experience when people go from using computers and phones to getting into a car, according to the company. 

The company opened its first showroom in October in Beverly Hills, CA.

The newly passed infrastructure bill includes $550 billion for transportation and electrification. Most of the money will go to improve roads, bridges and public transit, but there are some benefits for EV owners. According to, there is $7.5 billion for EV charging infrastructure, including fast-charging stations. The goal is to evenly distribute charging stations across the country and ensure that the stations are nonproprietary with open access to the public. 

The EV tax credit is in the larger Build Back Better Act. Part of that bill would expand EV tax credits to $12,500 by adding a $4,500 bonus for purchases of EVs assembled in the U.S. by unionized workers.

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