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In the digital age, we all run out of space on our devices from time to time. And while many of us leverage cloud storage to clear up space on our computers, others still prefer the trusty external drive. But all of those extra options are moot if your local drive becomes corrupted, destroying the files you access the most. Unlike a cloud storage solution, your local drive doesn’t have an entire maintenance team behind it, so it’s important to check in on your drive’s health. That’s easy to do with Stellar Drive Monitor.

This hardware monitoring software lets you monitor the performance and health of your local hard drive in just a few moments. With a simplified disk status module, Stellar is a user-friendly hard disk health check tool that provides real-time information on the temperature, performance, and health of your drive. That way, you can detect early signs of failure. The SMART status feature tracks health and critical information of the drive, flagging whenever you need to intervene before something drastic happens.

Stellar also works with multiple disk partitions, letting you keep an eye on each hard drive partition. You can also create a replica of any drive to secure it when it’s at risk of failure, allowing you to recover data from the clone using professional data recovery software. You can also scan disks to identify bad sectors. Stellar even supports PATA/SATA disk, SSD and USB hard drives of all sizes so you can check both internal and external drives.

Softpedia has given Stellar a 4/5-star rating and TechJury writes, “Stellar keeps its reputation as one of the few programs that can quickly restore damaged and/or corrupt files, inconsistent operating systems, problematic computers, or common blue screen and system failure scenarios.”

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