IT engineering jobs you should consider

IT engineering jobs you should consider


Considering a new job in IT? Engineering should be on your list of options.


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As technology accelerates, companies must hire new IT talent to keep up. IT engineers are critical members of any IT team, supporting companies in the design, installation and management of entire networking systems.

An IT engineer’s role includes many responsibilities that businesses require for this tech-driven world. For example, they update critical software applications, troubleshoot company-wide network issues and provide support during cybersecurity threats.

Due to the complex nature of computer systems, IT engineers have a chance to pick from a wide range of career paths. You can truly choose a direction that matches your interests, whether that’s gaming or the cloud.

These four hiring kits from TechRepublic Premium will introduce you to some of these roles, including salary ranges, skill sets required and what to expect.

A video game isn’t the same without sound, no matter how solid the development. Video game audio engineers use sound to invoke emotion and move video game plots forward. This includes blending sound effects, developing dialogue, editing effects and ensuring effects meet performance requirements.

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Reliable, fast and secure networks are critical for any company. Without one, businesses suffer costly downtime, reduced productivity and lost revenue. Network engineers are responsible for building, maintaining and troubleshooting these networks to ensure optimum uptime.

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The cloud empowers businesses to do many things, from storing critical information safely to enabling seamless collaboration from anywhere. Yet, creating a Cloud-based environment requires the skill of a cloud engineer. In this role, you will deploy cloud initiatives, manage cloud environments and troubleshoot cloud security issues.

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Every modern business relies on data of all kinds, from system data to customer data. Yet, the only way to properly use the data is to collect it, store it and process it to gain critical business insights. Database Engineers enable this process by designing, developing and implementing reliable databases.

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