Importance of Right Pillowcases

Importance of Right Pillowcases

You know what, people do spend nearly one-third of the entire life sleeping. Though you may find it little depressing to hear this, but it is also true that sleep is crucial for the well-being, health and fitness of people.

You should know that sleep impacts each organ in the body, not simply the brain. Sleep restores your energy levels, and it is even a time for your body to heal. Your skin even restores itself during your time of sleep by balancing the hydration levels. Now, in case you spend so much of your time in contact with your pillowcases, it is true that the fabric you choose for your pillowcase is crucial.  You should know that if you choose the wrong pillowcase for your acne prone skin, it may lead to more breakouts as well as wrinkles.  So, you should be sure that you choose the right pillowcases like silk pillow cases and ensure that you have the right fabric in contact with you.

Choose Silk for your pillowcases

Silk has been getting used for thousands of years in different types of applications. You may know that silk is only naturally happening filament fibre. It means that the threads it has are incessant and don’t require to be stitched together. Fibres that need to get spun together to create threads, like that of cotton or even linen, have somewhat rougher textures. It is simply for the reason because they possess more corners however, one can blend them and treat them to be softer.  

Now, if you talk about mulberry silk, it is the simplest commercial silk. You would be surprised to know it possesses no joints and is even ideally smooth. It gives it that glossy appearance as well as soft texture. 

Temperature regulations 

You should also know that silk even controls temperature well and does not really absorb a lot of moisture. Indeed, these are the properties that are the prime reasons for its supposed charm and beauty perks.

Perks for your hair 

The perks of a silk type of pillowcase are most marked for hair.  It is simply for the reason that silk can actually aid hair retain moisture from products as well as natural oils and lessen the overall friction that might even trigger tangles and breakage. Silk mainly beneficial for curly or that of even natural hair, that does not really retain as much moisture as that of straight hair and is more susceptible to breakage.  However, keep in mind that maybe a silk type of pillowcase may avert breakage, it is not going to avert hair loss.

Silk is Good for your skin 

Ah, the pillowcases made up of silk do beneficial for your beloved skin.  The thing is the smooth surface of silk does not really wrinkle or crease your skin. It is something that triggers fine lines to develop. Such thing is mainly helpful and good for side as well as stomach sleepers. It is because their faces make continuous contact with the pillow across the night.


So, you should try out switching to mulberry silk pillowcase and you may experience a lot of goodness in your skin, hair and overall sleep.


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