E-Scooters Accident Situations That May Require Legal Action

E-Scooters Accident Situations That May Require Legal Action

Hailed as a more sustainable, greener, and more affordable mode of transportation, e-scooters have been playing a huge role in the development of modern transportation. For many years, thousands of Americans have preferred them as their primary mode of transport, which has somehow reduced traffic congestion on roads. In addition, it has also given a valid “socially distanced” way to travel during, as well as after, the pandemic. We have to mention that electric scooters seem to be the future of transportation. 

The Consumer Product Safety Act of 1972 has stated that e-scooters are legally allowed on US roads, but only under a set of strict rules. So make sure you read the rules and laws of your state before switching to this micro-mobility vehicle. 

Top personal lawyers across Boston and the rest of the US have shared that e-scooters also pose a risk to pedestrians. Wondering how? Severe injuries and even death to pedestrians can occur if a scooter rider forces the pedestrian to lunge out of the way or hits the pedestrian, resulting in the pedestrian falling to the ground or colliding with another object. 

With similar incidents, many of you may doubt what recourse a pedestrian harmed by an electric scooter rider has? Keep on reading to know more. A person on foot injured by a rider driving an e-scooter has little recourse. If the rider does hang on after clashing with the pedestrian, it is unlikely that the victim may be compensated. Otherwise, it is a hit-and-run case, and there are few chances to pursue a claim. Furthermore, the e-scooter companies themselves refuse to take any responsibility for any harm caused by e-scooter riders. 

Have you been involved in a similar situation? If yes, your guide to the right course of action begins with having a dedicated personal injury attorney in Boston, MA. You will probably hear them saying that even if the rider has valid insurance, it won’t cover any harm caused to the pedestrian. The reality with such situations is that most e-scooter riders are young; most likely, many of them don’t have assets or insurance to pay damages for the harm they caused. 

On the contrary, if you were riding an e-scooter and were hit by any other vehicle, you have the right to speak to any professional personal injury lawyer in Boston, MA, and discuss your options. Normally, the lawyer may be able to address the case if the rider was not attentive enough or they never saw you before the impact. If you were in the driver’s blind spot, then the vehicle’s driver would be at fault. Certified top personal injury lawyers will always recommend that you do not share any statement with the insurance provider or sign any medical authorization. 

Suppose you suffered injuries involving a motor vehicle and you think that another vehicle rider was at fault. In that case, you certainly have the right to be compensated for the lost income, medical bills, pain, and suffering you have experienced. Act before it’s too late and have a lawyer by your side to ease things out.

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