Which Is The Proper Gas To Use With The Toro Golf Mower?

Which Is The Proper Gas To Use With The Toro Golf Mower?

While you may not realize it, choosing the right gas for the Toro golf mower is essential to ensure it serves you for a long time. Using poor quality gas or the wrong type of gas can reduce the performance of its engine and fuel system. 

So, What Type Of Gas Should Be Used For A Toro Golf Mower?

When you visit your nearby gas station to buy gasoline for your Toro golf course equipment, it is recommended to choose unleaded gas with an octane rating of at least 87. Also, ensure that the maximum percentage of ethanol in gas is 10%. It will be best to use gasoline with low ethanol content or no ethanol at all.

How To Choose The Right Gasoline?

Just like your car or other vehicles, there are several types of gasoline for Toro golf course mowers. When selecting the gasoline for your golf course equipment, check the percentage of ethanol in gasoline and where you will store the unused gasoline. In addition, you need to prepare yourself to fix the fuel leakage in Toro golf mowers, as it may occur every once in a while.

Why Is Too Much Ethanol Not Good For Toro Golf Mowers?

As per the Toro guidelines, you can’t use gasoline with more than 15% ethanol content. When you use a higher amount of ethanol, it can lead to several issues, such as:

Ethanol can damage smaller gasoline engines because ethanol-based gasoline accumulates moisture, further separating the gasoline from ethanol. This separated gas sinks to the bottom of the fuel tank and separates ethanol resulting in the ignition of gummy deposits. 

In addition, ethanol leads to corrosion & you may end up damaging the fuel tank. Moreover, the moisture content of ethanol can cause overheating of the golf mower’s engine. Hence, it is always to use gasoline for Toro golf course mowers with low ethanol content.

How To Store The Gasoline Properly?

Since gasoline begins to break down and lose its effectiveness after storing for over 30 days, it is wise to buy gasoline from a busy gas station so that you always get fresh gasoline. Also, make sure you buy the limited amount of gasoline that could be used before 30 days. 

When storing gasoline, you should always use a plastic container specifically designed for storing unleaded gas. Otherwise, you may end up with a broken gasoline container. You can also use some additives to keep the leftover gas fresh for a long time period.

In addition, make sure you always empty the gas from the container before refilling it from the gas station. Not only will this ensure you don’t mix the old gasoline with fresh gasoline but also assure that the gas doesn’t sit at the base of the container for over 30 days.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know what type of gasoline is ideal for your Toro golf mower and how to choose and store the gasoline, we hope that this will help you enhance the lifespan of your golf mower. And if you are planning to invest in the golf course maintenance equipment and seeking the recommendation for the right supplier, you can trust Statewide Turf Equipment. For more information, explore the website here: https://www.statewideturfequipment.com/.