Analyze data better in Excel with this pre-Black Friday deal

Analyze data better in Excel with this pre-Black Friday deal


In this three-part course, you’ll get hands-on training on using Excel to sift through large data sets and turn them into interactive tables and dashboards.


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Microsoft Excel is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most widely used program in the workplace. Used by companies and individuals alike, the software lets anyone sift through mounds of data easily and then sift through and analyze them to make better business decisions. Obviously, this is only possible if you have more than a surface-level understanding of the inner workings of the app. If tracking data points and summarizing trends between data sets are your main tasks on Excel, it’s worth learning tools and techniques to make these tasks easier—namely, Pivot Tables and Dashboards.

A pivot table is a type of table designed to consolidate massive amounts of data, while a dashboard is an in-app feature that transforms complex data into digestible points that are easy to view and analyze. With proper training like what The Ultimate 2022 Pivot Tables & Dashboard in Excel Bundle can provide, you’ll be able to master them and use them to your advantage.

This course collection is a three-part training program hosted by Stream Skill, a renowned e-learning platform that has taught over 600,000 students how to make the most out of Microsoft Office. The first course introduces you to what Pivot Tables are and how to use them to summarize large amounts of data, as well as teaches you the importance of cleaning data in the first place. The second course dives into the intricacies of Pivot Tables and fills you in on how to perform data analysis tasks quickly. You’ll get to learn features like advanced sorting, slicers, conditional formatting and more.

Meanwhile, the third-course focuses on Dashboards and how you can create interactive dashboards that let you change what results you see with a single click of a button. You can also expect to get to grips with creating a sales dashboard, an HR dashboard and how to add interactive elements into these dashboards. 

The Ultimate 2022 Pivot Tables & Dashboard in Excel Bundle normally goes for $249, but with the code SAVE15NOV, you can get it on sale for $16.99 (normally $249). (Note: This coupon code is good through Nov. 15, 2021.)

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