5 tools to help content creation professionals increase success

5 tools to help content creation professionals increase success


As the world of content creation professionals explodes they’re looking for tools to gather more momentum, generate revenue and successfully run their businesses.

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By 2025, it’s estimated that the global digital content creation market size will exceed $16 billion, based on a 9.1% CAGR (compound annual growth rate). Content of all types and on all platforms is not just for businesses and media publishers; it’s become home for millions of people looking to build their personal brands online—and their success is not only based on their craft but also highly dependent on technologies they can access.

What is content creation?

Content creation comprises many types of work, from the writing of articles and blogs to podcasts, video blogs (vlogs) and more. But content creation can also take other forms, such as artwork and webinars.

With increased digitalization and increased need brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, online content creation has a brighter future. This means more demand for tools to adequately support content creation, publishing and sharing. Tools to help increase success for content creators As more creative professionals enter the market, tools provide the much-needed structure, support and innovation to help content creators create brand awareness, improve engagement, and increase revenue.


Buzzsprout is a powerful tool that offers everything you need to create, publish, share and track a successful podcast with your target audience. Podcasters can get their content listed in all of the top podcast directories including, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podcast Index, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and more.

  • Key features: Advanced mastering technology automatically enhances and optimizes audio files to match industry best practices
  • Advanced podcast statistics to track podcast progress
  • Tools to promote your podcast to increase your following

Buzzsprout offers three pricing plans; a free plan, a $12/month plan that allows for three hours of uploads, an $18/month plan for up to six hours/month of uploads, and a plan for $24/month that allows uploads of up to 12 hours/month.


Canva is a graphics and video software that makes it possible for anyone to look like a professional content and graphic designer. There are many templates for everything from social media posts and profiles to event announcements, resumes and professional business materials.

Key features:

  • Many high-quality graphics, video and presentation templates
  • The ability to highly customize virtually every template or create content from scratch
  • Animation features
  • Downloading, saving, social media and email sharing capabilities

Canva offers a free-to-use plan, a Pro plan at $149.99/year for up to five people and an Enterprise plan.


Demio is a webinar creation tool that makes it easy to brand and customize your webinars and personally connect at scale. This tool can be used to do everything, such as create an attractive registration process, market and capture registrations. It can even embed a registration form on your website.

Key features:

  • Create a live presentation in real-time using HD streaming
  • Register people across a group of live scheduled sessions
  • Put your webinars on autopilot by pre-recording sessions
  • Wide browser support without the need to download software

Demio has three pricing plans; a Starter plan at $40/month/host for up to 50 attendees/room, a Growth plan at $99/month for up to 150 attendees/room, and a Premium plan. There is also an option to pay annually and save 30%.


Lightricks is an easy-to-use suite of photo and video solutions that empowers content creators to produce, distribute and showcase their content and amplify their brand online. Lightricks provides content creators with the economic power to build a real business that can earn them a living doing what they love.

Key features:

  • Link in Bio for generating unique, attractive and personal branding
  • The ability to create a landing page for visitors to find creators and access all of their content
  • New tip jar functionality to allow creators to focus on their craft while monetizing their content
  • Embedding a tip jar link in a creator’s landing page bio to make it easier and faster to get paid

Contact Lightricks for pricing on its apps.


GIPHY offers a wide array of animated graphics called GIFs (graphics interchange format) that content creators can embed into their content. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, GIPHY makes it possible for creative professionals and individuals to tell stories and quickly and effectively express themselves in relatable and humorous ways.

Key features:

  • Creators can upload their GIFs to GIPHY
  • Numerous stickers, backdrops and gifs are readily accessible in various categories
  • Media URLs from GIPHY, YouTube and Vimeo are supported GIF artists can also be hired through GIPHY
  • GIFs are created and accessed from numerous parties and can be shared or embedded

GIPHY is free to use by simply adding the code for each GIF.


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