What Are The Ways To Make Your Blog Page A Selling Website?

What Are The Ways To Make Your Blog Page A Selling Website?

These days, you must have noticed that WordPress is hosting about 30% of the internet. It suggests that there are fair chances that the sites you love the most might be hosted on this platform. But what to do if you want to create a blogger online store without using the hosting platform – WordPress?

The task might seem a little overwhelming, but it is possible to sell products online by integrating eCommerce into websites or your blogger site. Are you confused about how you can create a selling blogger’s platform with ShopRocket? Here we have three simple ways to create a selling site.

3 Ways To Create A Seller’s Blogger Website:

  • Add A ‘Buy’ Button

One of the easiest ways to sell products from your blogger page is to add a button for adding eCommerce to your website. The button must be directly linked to the products you want to sell on your site or blog post. 

Placing the buttons onto your blogger page or post is as easy as adding an online shop to your website through the HTML editor. HTML editor enables you to paste the widget or button quote into your blog on the blogger’s page. 

Another commonly used way to add the link of the products to your blogger page is by embedding the entire store onto the platform. It is as easy as adding a ‘Buy’ button or widget to your site. 

Once you have made up your mind for integrating eCommerce into a website, you will notice you can customize the page’s design to match your blogger’s brand with ShopRocket.com. Make sure to spend enough time customizing the appearance of your website, then copy and paste the HTML code into the HTML sheet of your blogger’s site. In short, it would help you to add an online shop to your website. 

  • Link Your Online Store On Your Blogger’s Page

You must have noticed another effortless way of selling your products via a blogger’s page is to link your online store to the blog site or post. 

With ShopRocket.com, you can customize the look of the navigating button, which you can paste over to your blogger online when you are completely ready. There are some pre-sets on the site; if not, you customize some according to what will match your blog page’s concept and idea. 

And that’s all! A simple link to your store on the homepage of your blogger’s page or even post can help your buyers navigate your online shopping with ease. 

Blogger’s Store Is Nothing But A Simple eCommerce!

It must not be a complicated task if you want to sell your products, especially if you are already running a blogger website. For the same, you need to keep things simple and streamlined to sell the range of items with ease. 

Do not limit yourself to just one product type. For example, selling a service and products can work as a great way to generate income and monetize your blog page. Similarly, selling something handmade can also help you tap into a more creative niche market that will appreciate your work.