What Are The Five Stages Of Driving Lessons For Teens?

What Are The Five Stages Of Driving Lessons For Teens?

When your teenager reaches the age to drive, being a parent you must take out time to make your children learn about the vehicle and be comfortable with it. Later, take help of a professional teenage driving instructor to help your teens to learn efficient skills for driving. 

Here are the five stages of driving that every teenage driving instructor should tell the teens as it helps in developing good driving skills:

  • Learn About The Vehicle 

It involves the orientation about how the vehicle works and what a driver needs to know about the car. One can assign reading the manual as well as give live demonstrations. This stage involves the teenage driving instructor teaching the teens about – 

  1. Changing the flat tire. 
  2. Fastening the seat belts. 
  3. Fueling the vehicle, checking the oil and inflating the tires. 
  4. Reacting rightly in case of an accident. 
  5. Starting and stopping the engine. 
  6. Turning on and off the headlights and parking lights. 
  7. Adjusting the windshield wipers. 
  8. Understanding the various lights on the dashboard
  • Learn The Basic Skills

In this stage, the driver needs to learn how to maneuver the vehicle the way the driver wants. Most of these skills must be learned in an empty parking lot. This stage must teach the teens to:

  1. Reverse the car safely.
  2. Make safe turns, including signaling. 
  3. Shift gears. 
  4. Stop the car smoothly.
  • Interacting With Other Drivers On The Road

At this point, your teens would be taught to learn how to operate the car safely with other vehicles, parked cars and pedestrians on the roads. Learning these skills requires drivers to begin driving on a residential street until they are confident enough to move on a multilane street. By the end of these driving lessons for teens, they will learn to:

  1. Drive chivalrously 
  2. Maintaining a safe distance while driving in traffic.
  3. Make smooth transitions in the lane. 
  4. Safely crossing the railroad tracks.
  5. Use mirrors and also check the blind spots. 
  6. Navigate easily through an intersection. 
  • Learning To Park And Take Turns 

Driving may seem like a piece of cake, but parking is completely different on the other hand. Most teen accidents are associated with parking. Thus, an empty parking lot and a residential street are perfect for learning this skill. By the end of this teenager driving lessons, your teen would learn to:

  1. Make safe turn
  2. Make safe U-Turn 
  3. Park safely, even on the hill
  4. Parallel parking 
  • Advanced Driving Lessons For Teens

It is the final lesson that a teenage driving instructor gives to his student. These are advanced skills that completely rely on teens’ proficiency in other skills of the first four stages. This final stage involves lessons for:

  1. Driving safely at night 
  2. Driving on snow or in wet weather. 
  3. Driving carefully on a freeway 

What Are The Other Responsibilities Of The Teenage Drivers?

  • How to maintain the car?
  • Don’t get distracted while driving like using cell phones. 
  • Must take care of the financial responsibilities. 
  • Make sure to follow the driving rules. 
  • Must take care of the passenger’s safety while driving. 
  • Also make sure to take care of pedestrian safety. 
  • Take responsibility for other drivers on the road. 

Where To Find An Excellent Teenage Driving Instructor?

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