The Best International Management Accounting Certifications

The Best International Management Accounting Certifications

Management accounting certification emphasis on the areas where an individual can focus on the time and effort to advance their career, knowledge and skills. Several professionals nowadays have access to university education. Consequently, this means that bachelor’s degrees has become very easy to acquire, this resulted in less valuable.

Therefore, gaining an international management accounting certification will help an individual to stand out from the crowd to gain an edge in the current on-going competition. Certifications in accounting or finance give employers that one has to have the necessary skills and specialized understanding of each concept to succeed. Thus, doing the certifications is a great way to enhance the reputation, earning power, as well as job prospects.

Certified Financial Planner ® (CFP®)

Those with the CFP® certification have demonstrated competency in all the disciplines of financial planning. Aspirants can gain knowledge on over 100 areas, such as stocks, bonds, taxes, insurance, retirement planning and estate planning. This management accounting certification is administered by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. In addition to passing the CFP® certification exam, aspirants should also finish qualifying work experience and agree to adhere to the CFP® Board’s code of ethics and professional gains and financial planning standards.

A financial planner mainly works with professionals so that they can understand their options and make financial decisions that are highly suited for their personal financial situation and objectives. The nature of their work usually has a lot of reliance is placed in these professionals, the CFP® Board posts data on the financial planning process and current licensees, offering clients of CFPs to verify if their financial planners’ designations are in good standing. The last aspect anyone requires is to choose a CFP which certification got revoked.

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) accounting certification is offered by the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) that is recognized globally. It verifies competency in cost management, decision analysis, forecasting and internal control auditing. It also offers a mastery of critical accounting and financial management skills from an internal, managerial and generalized perspective.

Most accountants get both the CPA and CMA credentials, mainly if they are pursuing careers in big, multinational firms. The CMA is described as a mainly practical application of theoretical concepts tested in the CPA exam. Aspirants should have a bachelor’s degree and two consecutive years in management accounting or financial management. The exam has two levels for a total of 8 hours. The ongoing prerequisites consist of 30 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

Chartered Investment & Management Accountant (CIMA®) 

Chartered Investment & Management Accountant (CIMA®) is the perfect international management accounting certification in finance and accounts to those professionals who are looking to start a global career to be an investment & management accountant professional. It is among the world’s most uniquely designed credential in the discipline of finance and accounting from United States.

CIMA USA is perfectly distinctive validation of advanced-level competence of individuals in two of the most quickly emerging super-specialization areas in accounting – investment accounting, and management accounting. It is top financial accounting certification, the CIMA® charter offers every applicant with a proven promise and readiness for gathering the needed and in-demand financial intelligence that globally several firms are required to monitor, manage and grow their businesses and investment assets and portfolios.

Certified Fund Specialist (CFS)

As the name implies, a professional with management accounting certification has demonstrated their expertise in mutual funds as well as in the mutual fund industry. These professionals often advise clients on the funds to invest in and, based on whether or not they have their license, they will also buy and sell funds for clients. The Institute of Business and Finance (IBF), formerly known as the Institute of Certified Fund Specialists, offers training for the CFS, which mainly focuses on a variety of mutual fund areas, such as portfolio theory, dollar-cost averaging and annuities. The understanding of these CFS designees hold is kept current through their continuing education needs.

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