Top 10 KissAnime Alternatives 2022 – Best Similar Site Like

Top 10 KissAnime Alternatives 2022 – Best Similar Site Like

Kiss Anime Alternative Websites: Many people all over the world love to watch animated stuff, when it comes to watching movies or web series. And the anime fan base is increasing significantly day by day. As said, the best things always need money, watching the best anime always takes money! But many users can’t always pay, this problem was solved by KissAnime.

KissAnime was one of the first websites that provided the anime absolutely free, this made KissAnime admired by anime fans.

Why was KissAnime shut down?

As it became popular among users, KissAnime had to add more and more animes day after day which made it a hack site. And had become one of the top anime streaming websites.

Officials and copyright owners always kept an eye on these hacked sites, especially the hacked ones. Since pirated content is illegal, the KissAnime website was in violation of copyright law in many countries. And the copyright holders removed all content from the kissanime .ru website.

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On August 14, 2019, the administrators of KissAnime posted a notice on the site, explaining that the servers have been disabled by the copyright holders. They even added to the notice that this could lead to the closure of the website. Japan later criminalized the privacy of manga and anime in June 2019, thus most of the major hacked anime sites were banned. KissAnime may not open now or in the near future.

This disappointed many anime lovers but to deal with this some great souls started some new sites for anime users. Here we provide you top 10 top tier anime streaming websites.

Top 10 KissAnime Alternative Sites To Watch Your Favorite Anime Online

These are some decent KissAnime alternatives to satisfy your anime streaming. These are not only similar sites, but they are also better! Let us begin…!

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1. 9Anime

9Anime is one of the best top-tier websites where millions of anime lovers can enjoy free streaming, also without registration. 9Anime offers thousands of anime videos and movies in English dubbed and subtitled versions. The video and sound quality is quite amazing!

The database is quite large and has about 25,000 programs, and they are always open. The only problem is that it shows ads between the video.


2. Anilinkz

Anilinkz is considered as the best site of this time, it’s only because of its too frequently updated list. The site administrators are always dedicated to updating the list from time to time with all the new anime.

Your categories option is just awesome to use! Anilinkz is also recorded as one of the most visited anime websites.

The video quality is quite amazing and the user interface is absolutely clean.


3. Anime fan

When it comes to alternatives to KissAnime, AnimeFreak is on my personal list! This is the best place for anime and manga lovers. And this does not require any registration.

The owners of the site claim to have the largest database of anime and manga. The interface is easy to use with many genres to choose from.



This is a completely free website, just like KissAnime. The site has many full episodes of the latest anime series all in one place. They even have many anime series that are only available on the apps!

AnimeLab is compatible with most devices including iOS, PlayStation, Apple TV, Xbox, and even Chromecast.

But the only problem with AnimeLab is that it is only available to viewers in New Zealand and Australia. However, you can enjoy your favorite shows using many available VPNs. I hope AnimeLab will expand its services to other countries soon.


5. Anime Land

AnimeLand is one of the best KissAnime alternatives for dubbed anime series, you can watch or download your favorites anytime!

The administrators claim that the site is the #1 largest anime dubbed website. The transmission is very smooth with 480P, 720P and 1080P HD.

The only drawback is that it seems to be full of ads.


6. Anime Park

AnimePark is the best place to watch anime series or movies dubbed in English. In addition to watching, one can download the programs.

It currently has a collection of 4100+ anime shows that are also in HD quality. Streaming is flawless, however it depends on the internet connection you have.


7. animated planet

AnimePlanet is next on our list, the interface and HD quality videos available made me choose this one. Streaming is quite similar to the previous one.

The best thing about AnimePlanet is that it has a complete list of old and new anime, up to date. They offer around 45,000 legal anime episodes, along with manga database.

AnimePlanet also has a community where anime and manga lovers can come together to share their feelings and get suggestions on what to watch.


8. anime season

This is a reliable and worthy KissAnime alternative to try! Anime Season streams many popular anime like Hunter and Alice of Zouroku etc. One can spend hours just scrolling through the site and choosing between.

The site is absolutely free, that too with less ads possibly! This is believed to be the best among many anime lovers. The search option is very useless along with the category list.


9. Anime streams

This ranks 9th in my picks for KissAnime alternative. Although the site does not look that interesting, it has many anime shows, series or movies to offer.

The HD video quality is quite clean with the best sound effects. Anime Streams doesn’t cost you a penny to watch your favourites, all you have to do is visit the site and enjoy streaming.

This has a database dubbed and subtitled in English, with an A-Z list. There is a request session where you can request any anime that you haven’t been able to find and hopefully the admins are always working to provide it as soon as possible.



Last on my list is Daisuki, this is another full featured anime alternative to KissAnime that offers HD streaming. The best part here is that you can have your own playlist and always watch it later.

The site administrators claim to have been created by real anime companies, so it seems legalized. This has an amazing database with rare to rarest anime available, along with the latest and most popular anime series or shows.

Last but not least is its well-organized list of categories, which makes searching easy.


Last words

The above list provides the best content for anime and manga lovers like you. Do not be disappointed with the closure of KissAnime, as you have access to its best alternatives.

Most of the sites are completely free, but few need premium access (no ads). And many listed here are licensed, it’s up to you to choose.

Now that you know about all the KissAnime alternatives, I hope this meets your needs. All you need to do is visit the site of your choice, search for your favorite anime and download or stream it online. Happy watching!