How to Design a Trade Show Booth in low budget?

The most crucial thing to keep in mind while planning on something is the budget. And when you are running on a low budget, planning becomes more important. Exhibiting at trade shows is an expensive affair especially for small-scale businesses. Trade show booth designing on a low budget is possible but you have to be very careful while planning it. You cannot afford to miss the important things. If you are a start-up or a first-time exhibitor you are more likely to face budget constraints issues.

It is a myth that only high-budgeted trade show booths can attract a lot of visitors. With proper planning and design process, a cost-effective booth can also become a great crowd puller. Therefore, we are here to help you with some creative ideas to design an effective trade show booth on a budget. So, take a sigh of relief as your budget can no longer stop you from making your brand a star at the trade show.


  • Prefer Renting trade show booth designs


In case you are on a low budget and looking for trade show booth ideas, then renting a booth is better than actually buying it. Renting a booth makes you pay a much smaller sum than what you would have spent on buying it. This option also knocks out the storage cost of your booth after the event. Furthermore, in case you are exhibiting on a foreign land then renting would save you a lot on your shipment cost too. Also, the rental trade show booth service provider will help you with transportation, installation, and dismantling of the exhibition booth at a cost-effective price.


  • Pop-up Trade show Displays


Using pop-up displays is among some top and cheaper methods to garner attention at your booth. These are the most lucrative accessories for a trade show and involve a huge effect on a wide area of advertising content for exhibiting. Also, these are extremely simple to set up, can easily be stored and packed in small spaces, and can be transported without hassle. They are economical and add a lot to your space. These displays can also demonstrate large graphics and offer higher longevity.


  • Renting Floor Covering


This is one of the most innovative ideas among the several other trade show booth ideas to opt for. Generally, floor covering for the trade show booths is a temporary floor or carpet that you can easily hire. Installing creative floor covering can help in maximizing the footfall and holding the attention of your target audience. Instead of using a standard flat floor or venue flooring, you can add a personal statement by incorporating it at your booth. And, renting it is a lucrative option as it is usually given as per square meter.


  • Consider Renting Furniture

One of the biggest expenses while outfitting a trade show booth, is the Booth Furniture. This is the very reason why a number of companies offer rental services at affordable prices. If you only exhibit on a few occasions then renting furniture makes more financial sense rather than purchasing it. Also, many rental services offer used booth furniture for sale which you can consider buying if you’d like to own the furniture but don’t want to pay like-new prices.


  • Budget-Friendly Booth Activities

The most important task at the booth is to engage visitors or your target audiences. Organizing product demo sessions at your booth is a cost-effective method that will help visitors know more about your product or services.  You can also organize some quiz contests or games and offer some freebies or gift hampers to create excitement among your audience. Engaging your audience is through video displays which can be can be hired at a pocket-friendly price, is another simple way of innovatively showcasing your brand.



Trade show booth design need not be expensive all the time. There are a number of show booth design companies that offer amazing trade show booths at an affordable price.  Keep in mind that trade shows are all about boosting your brand awareness, meeting your audience face-to-face, and generating quality leads. Ensure that you incorporate the above-mentioned ideas to stay on budget, yet make a striking impression at the show.