Get to Know All About Buying Refurbished or Used iPhone

Get to Know All About Buying Refurbished or Used iPhone

The iPhone remains one of the most popular smartphones that customers demand. But the price of the iPhone is in no way cheap and with each latest version, the price only rises up.

People with limited budgets may have to think twice before purchasing an iPhone. Plus, iPhones rarely go on sale which makes it even more difficult. However, buying a used iPhone or refurbished iPhone model will definitely respite you from paying full price.

If you’ve got iPhone 7 sim free and are looking for the same model iPhone, then how about checking out the refurbished iPhone store. You can get a good deal that fits your budget with a refurbished or used iPhone.

However, you have to make sure that you are purchasing from a trusted company or seller. Since there are many scamming platforms that can rip you off. Keep reading till the end to find out everything important you need to know about buying a refurbished or used iPhone.

Is Refurbished iPhone Trustworthy & Good?

You may have your doubts when it comes to buying a used or refurbished iPhone and it is pretty obvious. You must make sure that you are purchasing a refurbished or used iPhone from a trusted seller or source.

Do your extensive research on the seller before you decide to purchase an iPhone. Well-known and reputed refurbished stores always offer the best deals to their customers.

Also, there are many refurbished iPhone stores such as 247MobileShop that give customers warranty on the refurbished iPhone devices. The sellers that ensure quality check are the ones that you can trust and be assured of selling good iPhones.

Don’t make the mistake of rushing with the decision of buying a used iPhone and in fact do your fair share of research.

Ensure the Used iPhone Is Not Stolen

If you are opting to buy a used iPhone from a seller then the first thing you need to check is whether the device is stolen or not. Although, Apple prevents stolen iPhone to getting activated with their Activation Lock feature, without checking the iPhone it might be too late for you to realize that.

There’s a sure shot way to check whether the used iPhone you are intending to buy is stolen or not. All you need to know about the said iPhone device’s MEID or IMEI number. You can either ask the seller to provide the number or you can find it yourself following the below steps –

  •   Go to Settings and tap on the General.
  •   Tap on the About section.
  •   Note the number on the About section and go to the website of CTIA Stolen Phone Checker.
  •   Enter the noted number on the field and submit.
  •   If the website shows green check, then it indicates that the device is not stolen whereas red check means the iPhone is reported stolen or lost.

Make sure to follow these steps to know about the status of the used iPhone before purchasing it.

Choose the Right iPhone for Your Network

If you’ve got iPhone 7 sim free then you must search either for a refurbished iPhone 7 model or iPhone model that supports the SIM’s network. However, you must be pleased to know that every phone network is compatible with iPhone devices above version 5.

Alternatively, you need to know that the AT&T network requires an additional LTE signal which isn’t needed in other phone’s network. But this also means that if you’ve got an AT & T network then you’ll be able to get a faster network in specific locations.

Therefore, before purchasing any used or refurbished iPhone make sure to check if your network supports the device version.

These are a few important things that you need to know and check before you purchase a refurbished or used iPhone.

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