Walmart Employee Job Reviews in the United States

Walmart Employee Job Reviews in the United States

On average, employees at Walmart give their company a 3.6 rating out of 5.0 – which is 8% lower than the average rating for all companies on Career Bliss. The happiest Walmart employee job reviews are Courtesy Associates submitting an average rating of 4.8 and Stockers with a rating of 4.7.

1. Stocker

“I have worked for Walmart for 5+ years starting from a courtesy associate to a cashier and finally as a sales associate. The management was friendly and the staff was excellent. My time there has helped me with my social interactions and customer assistance, whether it is ringing them up through checkout or helping find a certain item.”

2. Loader

“Walmart’s unofficial motto is “pretend to do what you’re supposed to when you think you are being watched.” Only new people in the warehouse actually try to do what they were told because the workload is just too great. Nobody experienced loads the way they were taught at orientation except when the inspector came. Everybody uses shortcuts to save time and reduce stress on their body. Before I started working at Walmart’s loading docks, I was a healthy 29-year-old male with 2 years of prior warehouse experience. I was in the habit of doing 100 pushups and 100 squats every day and going on occasional jogs. Now that I’ve quit, I plan on doing no work for 1 month because my health has deteriorated so much. While working there, I got repetitive stress injuries in 5 joints, I got a stomach ulcer because I took ibuprofen in response to the joint pain, I nearly fainted from exhaustion after my first 5 weeks of mandatory overtime, the skin on my finger tips split open from moving so many boxes (despite wearing gloves and using moisturizer). I had no such problems working in any other warehouse. The management discourages reporting of injuries. They give you false information about benefits, and then deny you the benefits because you did not follow the proper procedure. I got the flu and took off 2 weeks ago. Walmart told me to get my leave approved through Sedgwick. Sedgwick told me that the leave was approved, but Walmart refused to approve it. I’ve heard from several employees that the turnover rate in shipping is 90%. I believe this is true, since when I quit after 7 months with the company, I was already senior to roughly half the loaders on the dock. Walmart paid me $25/hr. The next highest pay I found in a warehouse was $19/hr. Yet, Walmart cannot keep its employees. The reason is that the workload is beyond what human biology is capable of. The location is actually Ottawa, KS, but this website won’t accept that location.”

3. Maintenance Associate

“Walmart treats its maintenance associates like family and has fair working conditions and highly competitive pay and benefits.”

4. Walmart Employee

Fun and easy job. Easiest job I have had for the payment of $15 an hour.”

5. Market Sales Manager

“Great company to be a part of.”

6. Team Associate

“I’ve worked at Walmart since 2020, I’ll say it’s the best entry-level job to work at, knowing that I’m helping many people and making the community better makes me happy! The staff is excellent at helping you to improve yourself and be a better you. The work is motivational to keep you striving for a better and safe environment.”

7. Walmart Employee

“Its a very good company for professionals”

8. Walmart Employee

“I only worked for this company for barely more than a month and I could quite literally not stand this job another day. My immediate problem was with the management. The way the supervisor speaks in pharmacy is condescending and false polite. They are also extremely pushy. Nothing you do as an employee will be enough. They are severely strict on when you clock in and clock out but seemingly only when it comes to just us normies and not managers. I showed up for a shift on time and could not walk in because the pharmacy manager showed up 20 mins late. A little irritating when waking up at 7 in the morning and your boss can’t do the same. So just be careful because it’s honestly a hit or miss with any job. You can’t guarantee if your supervisor will be professional or not. You can’t guarantee you’ll click with them either. From my experience the techs were very nice and helpful though. As for the actual pharmacy, it’s so outdated. If you worked at Walgreens or even CVS, you’d notice it quick. Their computer system they have the techs using is so tedious and overly complicated. It’s obnoxious to use and not worth the headache especially when you’re being taught five different ways to do something when there is only supposed to be one correct way. Also, if you cannot handle interacting with customers or patients, you won’t be able to last here. Just like any other retail, people are rude and obnoxious. That’ll never change. For any pros- they actually have a lot of tech hours. My store was always staffed properly and there was more than a single pharmacist on a shift. They pay really well for techs in my area as well as give a pay bonus for just getting hired. And again, the other techs at my location were very nice and helpful. Other than that, I can’t think of a single other good thing. I didn’t learn anything with these people except how to use their register and lose my sanity.”