Top Aspects to Focus on With Running a Blockchain PR Campaign

Top Aspects to Focus on With Running a Blockchain PR Campaign

Without any doubt, advertising and marketing in the blockchain industry have come a long way since radio, TV, newspaper, and even billboard advertising. With all the traditional tactics, the campaign space was a ballpark demographic that took you to absolute certainty. However, in this era of digitalization and online advertising, very little is left about all the traditional channels. That gives us an obvious reason to target the right audience, especially if you are working on your business blockchain PR

The reasons you need to target the right audience appropriately are both clear cut and then not so apparent – but here they are! Feel free to take a quick look at them. 

  • Demographics Stands First 

As the subheading indicates, demographics are important. They are usually snapped from the research studies and reports undertaken during the marketing strategy creation. So naturally, user personas are assembled for campaign targeting objectives from that approach. Discovering the trending social media subjects and the type of followers you receive on your website should be observed thoroughly. 

For the same, the below-mentioned factors can be taken into consideration: 

  1. Are there any restrictions in marketing or advertising your product/service online within the implied guidelines? 
  2. Where the major fraction of your target audience is located geographically?
  3. What age group and gender class make up your audience? 
  4. What time is your audience active? 
  5. Is your current audience active on mobile or tablet devices? 
  • Media makes a big difference

Media, be it social or online, know what your audience uses the most. Here we mean knowing the audience you want to target. What is their favored choice of media? It is vital to understand why your specific audience uses these different media platforms. As a matter of choice, you want to reach your particular user persona on social media channels where they spend a fair amount of time. This will ultimately increase your exposure and will help you have more clarity about what your audience is interested in or relates to the most. 

Believe it or not, being relevant to your target audience’s interests and requirements is highly important. For example, whereas Twitter may seem highly suitable for crypto-based or blockchain PR campaigns, Instagram may not seem that much because the users visit them more for entertainment reasons. 

  • Polish Up Your Content 

Different cultures, generations, personalities, and genders respond to content differently. Comprehending an all-around approach to the content once you have elucidated the target audience would not be wise, especially after all the efforts. One audience member/user persona will not revert to specific visuals, wordings, or graphic elements. Crafted, tailored content as per the user persona is quite necessary. For example, individuals 40+ years of age may respond to a blockchain investment-focused advert entirely different from an individual in his late 20s. 

  • Abide by Compliance And Site Regulations 

In the DeFi, blockchain, and crypto industry, it is important to know what can be done and what cannot, specifically on channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Display Network, etc. Remember that advertising and PR on the blockchain are significantly dependent on standard regulations. However, the content used in the advertising should be promising enough, along with a convincing CTA. 


Regardless of all these challenges, it is always wise to have a dedicated PR agency or a team of experts who can help you process all the right things at the right time. They will help you deliver the right content and target the right audience at the right moment. As a result, your product/service will get the hype you want. So don’t forget to make the most of your blockchain PR campaign this year with a reputable and experienced PR agency.