Time To Upgrade Your Beauty Routine With Vegan Makeup Brands

Time To Upgrade Your Beauty Routine With Vegan Makeup Brands

Animal testing is the ugly, and mostly ignored, side of the beauty industry. Within the past few decades we have been supporting companies that are participating and producing animal tested makeup products. And now that we have reached the saturation point, it is high time we remove the blindfold and upgrade our beauty routine with vegan makeup brands.

Vegan and cruelty free cosmetic brands do not test their products on animals or use animal prints. They make use of natural ingredients instead of harmful chemicals and make sure the product produced is good for consumers and the earth. With that being said, here are five reasons why you should switch to the best cruelty free makeup brands.

For healthy skin

Following a vegan beauty regime will always land you in a healthy skin state. The fact that vegan and cruelty free products are made from natural ingredients clearly signifies why these products are worth investing. Almost all vegan cosmetics contain Vitamin B and Vitamin E. These two ingredients help in regeneration of the skin cells, making your skin appear soft and radiant. They also enhance the natural radiance of a dull skin and make it look naturally beautiful.

Safety from harmful chemicals

Choosing vegan and cruelty free makeup guarantees safety from harmful chemicals. Do the luxurious makeup and beauty brands that promise good skin texture and younger looking skin ever tell you about the harsh chemicals they use? NEVER. Brands that support animal cruelty will never tell you about the exact ngredients used in making the product. Whereas with vegan and cruelty free makeup products, you get everything written on the packaging. When you are aware of what you are using on your skin, you can lower the chances of skin problems like rashes, avcne, inflammation etc. And this is why choosing vegan cosmetics is highly recommended, so that you are aware of what’s on your face.

Ensure protection for different animals

Animal testing is done on all kinds of animals. From rabbits to dogs and rats there is a wide range of animals that are being used for testing makeup procust. If you are an animal lover, you know what pain it is. And even if you are not a fan of animals, you need to act a little humane. Animal testing isnt a necessary parctice oin the beauty and cosmetic industry. The companies can easily create safe and effective vegan & cruelty free makeup products. But the demand is what’s acting as a never ending force for these brands. The moment you start using cruelty free cosmetics, you will be playing a major role in protecting those animals from harm.

Transition does not happen overnight. It takes time. But the moment you decide to accept change, you will soon notice what difference you have caused in the environment. You may start with switching product by product. For example if you start with a vegan and cruelty free foundation today, you may shift to the whole vegan beauty regime within the coming six months.

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