Solar panels: Answers to common FAQs

Solar panels: Answers to common FAQs

No matter what others say, solar panels may need maintenance from time to time. Though the maintenance isn’t too hard, it is essential nonetheless. The fact that the solar panels are a key component for power generation, keeping them clean does have its perks. This post is meant for people who are skeptical about solar power maintenance and are worried about the automatic solar panel cleaning system price. So, let’s dive in!

How to maintain solar panels?

Do you have ground-mounted solar panels or the more widely-seen roof panels? No matter what type you have, keep them clean to maximise surface area and see to it that the panels aren’t shaded. This way you can also maximise power production and increase the longevity of the system. That said, cleaning solar panels is easier than cleaning shingles. They aren’t prone to rusting, making maintenance all the easier.

Some people prefer cleaning solar panels with a solution of mild detergent and water. While some of them use it via a garden hose, others simply use a brush for a more pronounced effect. However, you should use non-abrasive brushes as the panels are quite sensitive. For harder to remove grimes, calling a professional cleaning crew is always a safe choice. Some residential complexes even use robotic solar panel cleaners.

Thorough cleaning and regular maintenance of the panels from time to time, not only looks good, but also heightens power production. If you aren’t opting for professional cleaning, make sure you at least use a long-handled squeegee instead of a broom. Also, never use hot water to clean the panels.

Do extreme weather conditions have a bearing on solar panels?

In spite of what you may think, solar panels are built for durability. Thus, you can use it for years. Their advanced design allows them to function on peak efficiency in spite of a fair bit of wear and tear or harsh weather conditions. This includes rain, snow, wind, and more. However, these are not 100% indestructible. On the rarest of rare occasions, the photovoltaic panel may suffer damage due to adverse weather conditions, and if it does, you should take advantage of the warranty. This is where a timely solar panel maintenance service comes in handy.

Can people monitor the health of solar panels?

Once you integrate the solar panels with the existing setup, you can access the data and track how much power the panels generate on any given day. This would also allow you to track how much power you are losing out on. All this data would help you figure out whether the panels are in peak form or whether they need some cleaning and maintenance.

How long do solar panels work?

Various studies in different parts of the world have revealed that solar panels usually last between 25 to 30 years, particularly if they are well taken care of. This is a great news considering the system has a cost involved when you first get it installed at your place. The fact that automatic solar panel cleaning system price is nothing too alarming, most companies and residential complexes opt for such automated and robotic cleaning methods, and thus, take the human element out of it. Moreover, the price of professional solar panel cleaning services varies depending on the size and the power capacity of the panels.

Key takeaway

Cleaning a solar panel isn’t too complicated. You just need to clean it using non-abrasive materials. Moreover, for those worried about the automatic solar panel cleaning system price, you’d be pleased to know that the system is available at competitive rates and wouldn’t break the bank. While you can easily get rid of the ordinary dust and dirt, for a stickier buildup, you’d need some expert help. This is where the professionals shine.

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