Smart Ways To Modernize Your Corporate Intranet

Smart Ways To Modernize Your Corporate Intranet

While intranets have existed for over two decades, the intranet industry still hasn’t found a way to set organizations up for success. However, the intranet is not entirely obsolete. Instead, an intranet is a critical communication tool that all organizations should use for their business processes.

There are no facts behind the bad reputation of the intranet. Instead, lack of employee training, poor user interface, and lack of updates are the primary reasons why employees shy to use the best corporate intranet. Yet, today, technological advancement has changed the way businesses work. So, it is vital for an intranet to have essential features that can efficiently cater to the needs of the modern world.

So, what features are essential for a modern intranet? How can you modernize your intranet? In this guide, we will discuss the same.

4 Ways to modernize the intranet

Mobile optimization: Today, almost everyone has a mobile. So, they use their smartphones not only for calling and messaging but also for day-to-day activities, ranging from checking to responding to some crucial emails. As a result, it is vital for the best corporate intranet to be mobile-friendly. You need to ensure that the intranet you choose is compatible with various devices or can be optimized easily, especially if you opt for a hybrid working model or your business requires your employees to travel. Mobile integration will allow your employees to access relevant information and interact with their colleagues, regardless of their location.

Cloud-based intranets: Opting for a cloud-based intranet platform instead of an on-premise intranet is relatively a cost-effective solution for companies. Cloud-based intranets eliminate the need of setting up your infrastructure and purchasing the devices. Apart from this, you need not worry about its maintenance and require less management. Since everything will be on the cloud, your remote employees can easily access the crucial information when needed, no matter what their location is.

Social intranet: Social media has completely changed everything. Today, companies use social media to promote their products and services, and people and employees use it to communicate with each other. Hence, today, even a business intranet also benefits from social media features. Apart from internal communication, social media features of intranets allow companies to use them for announcements and updates. Furthermore, a modern intranet allows your employees to post, chat, share, tag, like or comment. Not only does it enhance employee collaboration but also improve employee productivity.

Artificial intelligence: A modern intranet with artificial intelligence features will allow you to gather useful insights, make informed decisions and streamline your work. With automation and predicted searches, your employees can work with more efficiency. So, it is necessary to choose an intranet system with AI assistant apps, allowing you to examine work patterns and gather useful information about its users.

The Bottom Line

The main reason behind companies opting for an intranet is to streamline their work and enhance business productivity. And in today’s digital world, it is not possible without a modern intranet. You need to choose the best corporate intranet that allows you to pace with the rapid advancement in technology.