Real healthcare solutions cannot be one-size-fits-all

Real healthcare solutions cannot be one-size-fits-all


In fact, Congress had several legislative options to avoid this case all together—they were just ignored for political messaging. Instead, Democratic members continue to put forward proposals to drive America’s healthcare system even further toward a government-run system. 

Plain and simple—the solution to fixing the American healthcare system is not one-size fits-all. One proposal, Medicare-for-all, also known as a single-payer system, is one-size-fits-no-one. But this often-touted “solution” would take healthcare decisions away from doctors and patients and put them in the hands of government bureaucrats who prioritize the costs of providing care over the quality of life it will provide the patient. We live in a nation that values the freedom of individualism, and our healthcare system should be no different.

Congress must focus on strengthening the parts of the system that work. More than 70% of Americans are satisfied with their employer-sponsored health plans; therefore, Congress should put forward solutions that reinforce this market, not weaken it or eliminate it. 

We should build on the actions of the Trump Administration to expand coverage options, such as association health plans and health reimbursement arrangements. These options, alongside transparency, would provide much promise in lowering costs and increasing choice for Americans and for businesses. 

In every other sector of our economy, Americans have pricing information so they can shop for the best deals. Menu-like price transparency would enable patients to be knowledgeable consumers and give them more opportunities to choose higher-quality, lower-cost care. Another option to help lower costs is to reform the ACA to provide states the flexibility to lower premiums. My bill—H.R. 698, the Premium Relief Act—would do just that. 

I do not believe that the government should hinder a doctor’s ability to act in the best interest of their patient. In fact, I wish the concept of government dictating a physician’s practice and decisions was unthinkable. Patients and doctors should be in charge of our healthcare system—not governments, not insurance companies. I will continue to join fellow House Republicans in putting forward healthcare solutions that work for patients and doctors. Individualized and personalized care comes from the private sector. 

Finding solutions for our healthcare system should be bipartisan. Congress must act to enact patient-centered solutions.


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