How IT pros can set boundaries and protocols

How IT pros can set boundaries and protocols


From managing backups and Linux distributions to troubleshooting hard drive failure and protecting company data, it’s easy to see why IT pros are overwhelmed and overworked.


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IT teams have to be ready for anything when it comes to protecting company data. Hackers are always coming up with new ways to infiltrate systems, encrypt backups and demand a ransom. There are also user problems to deal with on a daily basis, and other mundane problems like hard drive failures. With so many job responsibilities, it’s easy to see why IT pros are overwhelmed and overloaded with work. 

Incorporating concise procedures, best practices and boundaries are a must for IT professionals. These four resources from TechRepublic Premium will help your IT team build a strong defense against such attacks and (user) disruptions as well as where to go for troubleshooting assistance.

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Here is what you’ll find:

  • 7 crucial tasks for managing backups
  • 9 troubleshooting tips for troublesome hard drives
  • 26 resources for Linux admins 

Follow the recommended best practices will not only strengthen your cybersecurity, but make disaster recovery easier. 

There’s also a seven-point plan for an IT help desk SLA–which will come in handy when users have problems and need to understand what IT can, can’t and won’t do to help.

This checklist walks you through the troubleshooting process to diagnose problems with hard drives, whether you’re dealing with internal or external disks. The document starts with the obvious steps and works up to the not-so-obvious fixes you can try. 

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It’s not enough to have strong cybersecurity defenses. You also need up-to-date backups stored in a safe place. This checklist adds an extra layer of security and protects a critical component of any disaster recovery plan.  Follow the nine steps in this document to make a routine chore efficient and easy. 

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It’s always good to be prepared for problems, so if you are in charge of a Linux distribution, check out this list. This checklist rounds up resources you may need if you run into trouble. From sites that provide OS advice for specific distributions to more general information forums, this resource is a secret weapon for Linux admins.

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This document describes the scope of services the help desk provides, contact procedures, response times and end-user rights and responsibilities. Setting clear expectations for IT staff and the people they support will make life easier for everyone. This SLA also creates a set of metrics for measuring help desk performance.

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