Top 10 Book Marketing Companies that can Spark more Online Visibility and Sales

Top 10 Book Marketing Companies that can Spark more Online Visibility and Sales

Book promotion has become more of a mandatory option these days that help to gain more visibility and eventually boost sales. Get to know about the top 10 Book Marketing Companies for the growth of your penmanship.

Some authors write for pleasure and some authors write to become best-seller. So which one are you? No matter whether a professional author with many famous books or an emerging author trying to gain some exposure; everyone needs to avail of a book promotion service in order to grab the attention of potential readers. 

In modern days, the authors struggle much as the competition is high and there are many authors emerging with new books every day. That is why professional help is important to grow.

If you are confused about whom to hire from the array of promotional companies, here are the top 10 companies that spark your book marketing plans.

  • Bookscrit

When it comes to booking promotion, Bookscrit is considered one of the most reliable names in the market. The agency not only promotes a particular book and also sheds enough light on the creator to make sure the exposure gained from the promotional campaign will last long. Being of the leading book marketing companies, the agency thrives to offer an authentic promotion that caters to the attention of the readers from credible sources. Therefore the authors can gain more visibility and profit in sales which helps to pave a successful career ahead. All of the promotional packages offered by this company come in a fairly reasonable pricing system to be purchased by everyone. Avail of the service and see the change.

  • Smith Publicity

Based in New Jersey, this book promotion company has been established by Dan Smith back in 1997. Starting from best-seller authors to self-published emerging authors, everyone can be benefitted from its services. Offering a range of different packages for book promotion, this agency allows promoting all kinds of books for all kinds of audiences. Whether it is a book for children or adults, the company carefully gathers attention from all.

  • JKS Communications

It is a well-renowned book marketing and publicity firm that has empowered numerous authors to create fruitful careers as a writer. With its headquarters in Nashville, JKS Communications has reigned in the industry for quite a time now. The experience and knowledge of this firm are unparallel and it offers a customized plan for every client, making sure that it fits within their budget while fulfilling their requirements.

  • Kelley & Hall

This is one of the famous book promotion and marketing companies from Boston. It does not only promote books but also helps to build a brand for the author. Along with brand awareness, the agency also focuses on its strategic developments and media outreach while each campaign is running. The promotional plans include press kit development, social media planning, and many other features to provide organic exposure. You can get a better idea with its extensive consultancy services.

  • Wildbound PR

This agency is liked by many authors for its straightforward marketing plans and direct approach through PR strategies, which are considered quite effective to create author publicity. The agency offers PR services for the authors to gather attention from the journalists and the reporters from the niche. The agency helps to enhance the sales of the authors. The services include various aspects of press campaigns, social media marketing, book tours, events, website design, and the list goes on.

  • Palamedes PR

Palamedes PR is an award-winning book marketing agency that has empowered many authors with its effective promotional campaigns. However, not only authors but publishing houses and clients from other sectors can also enjoy the benefits of promotion. The agency promotes both, printed books in physical form as well as digital formats as well. The company offers quite unique promotional packages that include national publicity, television and radio interviews, book review, and many other features. The custom packages are tailored to fulfill every client’s needs.

  • Black Chateau Enterprise

Hailing from Los Angeles, this promotional agency works with everyone whether an author, an artist, or a brand. The company specializes in promoting fiction and non-fiction books and helped many authors to become famous. Online advertising, Press Kit Creation, book trailer creation, and many other exciting features are included in the promotional packages. The company has previously worked with many renowned writers such as Deborah M. Pratt, Emiliano Forino Procacci, Athena Coleman and the list goes on. However, there is no need to be overwhelmed as the pricing system is still nominal.

  • Author Marketing Experts

Just like its name suggests, this company is solely built to provide marketing services to the authors and to help them pave a career. Founded in 2020, it is one of the best promotional companies based in San Diego. The marketing and promotional plans offered by this agency are quite smart and focused. Thus, you can find more effectiveness even after spending a nominal amount only. Many authors claim that working with AME has increased their reader base drastically.

  • Greenleaf Book Group

It is an all-rounder organization for the authors as it can handle book publishing, distribution, and marketing services as well. There are five main elements of book promotion that this agency focuses on such as genre marketing, audience building, supply chain marketing, online marketing, and publicity. Starting from different book launch strategies to long-term marketing plans, this agency is capable of taking care of everything. It is an all-in-one solution for everyone.

  • Cameron Publicity & Marketing

Founder Ben Cameron established this promotional agency in 2006 and since then, the agency has empowered many authors around the world. The company is formed by experts and publicists who are capable of promoting everyone from the field, whether an independent author or a big book publishing company.

Final Take

These are the top 10 book promotion sites that offer authentic promotion and you can trust them blindly in this case. However, do not forget the compare the price of the packages, testimonials, and the beneficial aspects gained from the book promotion package before purchasing it. Hire a professional book promotion agency and see the change in your career in penmanship.