5 Simple Ways to Improve the Security of Your Home

5 Simple Ways to Improve the Security of Your Home

According to statistics, more than one hundred thousand burglaries are committed in our country every year. And most often the owners themselves are to blame, they are not vigilant enough with their property. We’ve put together some quick and easy home security tips that you can use right now.

1. Install a comprehensive security system

There are probably too many things to keep in mind when it comes to home security. Many people install a light bulb camera to monitor the activities taking place in their homes. To feel comfortable at work, away, and on vacation and not think about the safety of things in the house, the easiest way is to install an integrated security system. 

Its installation will require a minimum of time and effort, and in the future, it can save not only property but also your life. As soon as the robber enters the house, he is immediately detected by wireless motion sensors and sent a signal to the round-the-clock monitoring center. Even if the thief tries to climb through the window, a rapid response team will appear in the house in a few minutes. 

2. Get rid of lush vegetation in the yard

Look out the window. Green shrubs and trees near the house are always pleasing to the eye. But few people think about the fact that they can play into the hands of attackers. This applies to residents of private houses and lower floors of skyscrapers. 

A tree with long branches can serve as a “ladder” on the way to your windows, and it is easy to hide in the greenery of a bush. Therefore, it is better to plant medium-sized shrubs with thorns (for example, roses) near the fence and windows.

3. Create simulated lighting

How often do you go out in the evenings? Not every thief will climb to you if he thinks that the owners are at home. Therefore, you can install several sockets and connect lighting devices to them. So you can remotely turn on the light and simulate your presence in the house in the evenings.

Owners of private houses can install motion detectors on the site that turn on the light. So you will see who is moving around the yard. Indeed, according to statistics, robbers most often enter houses with poorly lit areas.

4. Watch what you throw in the trash

Try to remember what you threw in the trash can today. Any checks and receipts with personal data must be shredded. The same is best done with boxes from expensive purchases, these can be cut with scissors. 

It would seem that a simple rule that many neglects. In the meantime, an attacker can determine the approximate level of a person’s income and the presence of valuable things in his house only by the contents of a trash can.

5. Keep the curtains closed

Try looking at your window from the street at night. In the evening, the visibility of the rooms in your home is greatly enhanced by bright artificial lighting. After observing the house for several days, intruders can not only understand what time you return home, but also notice the location of valuables. To avoid this situation, keep the curtains closed at night.